Snapchat Launches Redesigned Version Of Augmented Reality Glasses Worth $350


Snap Inc. announced on Tuesday that it will launch Spectacles 3, redesigned version of its previous glasses with a capability of capturing and uploading photos directly into its Snapchat app.

The new version will feature dual HD cameras for a better perception of the photos carried on the light-weight steel frame. It will cost $380 and will go on sale in November on The cost of this version is double than the previous $150 version.

The spectacle business of the company has been struggling to make money out of it. In 2017, it wrote down $40 Million in unsold glasses. According to the reports, the production will be limited as the Snap is still experimenting with augmented reality. Snapchat says that with the help of Spectacles 3 one can add tantalizing effects that will lead to three-dimensional effects to the images.

The spectacles and its accessories are not water-resistant. Looking forward to designing features, the company will let the third-party developers build depth effects starting later this year. According to Snap, the new spectacles will be able to capture 70 videos and more than 200 photos in a single charge.

The product is available in two colors: Mineral and Carbon black. Snap Inc says that it’s easy to use Spectacles 3. “Tap either button for video (up to 60 seconds continuously) or press and hold for a still. Spectacles 3 supplements high-definition videos with high-fidelity audio from a 4-microphone array. LED indicator lights notify people when recording, and users will see a light as well,”

Last week, the company announced that it will raise $1 Billion in debt to make investments in AR, content, and potential acquisitions. The latest market research says that the global smart glasses market will grow around $8 Billion by 2025.


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