Pneumatic Actuators Market to increase by leaps and Bounds in the years to come

Pneumatic Actuators Market

Pneumatic actuators imply conversion of compressed air (pressure) into mechanical energy for serving various purposes. Simply put, pneumatic actuators exert required force toward the end of stroke or cause displacement by piston’s movement.

Pneumatic actuators could be categorized as linear actuator, rotary actuator, and limited angle actuator. The verticals driving the pneumatic actuators market include oil and gas, chemical, automation, and power; as control valves do need pneumatic actuators to control operations. The APAC is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the pneumatic actuators market; thanks to increase in demand for power across the developing economies like India and China.

As of now, North America holds the major share of pneumatic actuators market; followed by Europe. The factors attributed to North America’s and Europe’s growth include modernization on the part of technologies and facilities with respect to exploration of oil & gas, the flourishing market of shale oil across the U.S., and huge deposits of oil stand in Canada.

The pneumatic actuators market is highly competitive due to loads of players present at the local as well as global level. The players are rated based on technical expertise, turnaround time, brand image, vicinity of service centers, installation history, and price. Plus, the players like SMC, Rotork, Parker Hannifin, Flowserve, and Emerson electric are eying inorganic expansion in the pneumatic actuators market.

As far as product type is concerned, pneumatic actuators market could span linear, multi-turn, and quarter-turn. As of the year 2016, quarter-turn pneumatic actuators are the torchbearers. The factors that could be attributed to this torchbearing include costly globe control valves being replaced with pocket-friendly V notch pneumatic butterfly control valves. Amongst the industry verticals, petrochemical and chemical industry holds the highest market share and is expected to continue with the same in the upcoming period.


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