Clean Label Ingredients Market Trends in Germany

Clean Label Ingredients Market

Clean label ingredients are acquired through minimal process that are fit for consumption and reveal excellent ingredient quality. Food chains and bakeries are major end-users in the clean label ingredients market, to optimize the use of flours and starches.

The global clean label ingredients market is driven by change in consumer demands for natural and organic food contents. Inception of new products coupled with rise in consumption is fostering the market growth.

A major reason for the market growth is clean label ingredients are now looked upon as a healthy source of high protein in cookies.

Henrik de Vries, commercial manager at KRONER STARKE, Germany, suggests ways in which food chains and bakeries can heighten their use of flours and starches to cope up with change in consumer demands without use of chemicals or modified additives or starches. He further shares that consumer’s today possess a wide range of demands and prefer going natural without involving chemical or additives in the food products.

Consumers have been adopting a starch free policy. In this direction, they’ve been checking the derivation of ingredients and wish the treats to be highly free from gluten, meat or any kind of sweeteners. If that doesn’t suit their need, they’d prefer protein-rich baked foods that are low in carbs and have a good shelf life.

All these trends have been putting the bakery sector under vigilance, and it is clear that the bakery sector needs to achieve higher standards to sustain consumers change in demand. To this, a state-of-the-art flexibility production facility enables the baker the technical ability to gain a quick response time. Hence, there arises a need for having clean label ingredients sourced.

Germany produces more than 4 billion tons of baked foods every year with a discard ratio mounting to 2 billion approximately. Hence, labelling can be a good concern for health-conscious consumers.


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