Chipless RFID Market Trends in 2019

Chipless RFID Market

The global chipless RFID market will witness some major trends in 2019. The market growth is attributed to the rise in demand for wireless technology.

Chipless RFID market grew by leap and bounds in 2017 and remained consistent in 2018. Though there are new horizons to see, the market growth is assured in 2019, thanks to upcoming IoT technology and automation.

The chipless RFID market witness surging demands for technological developments in defence for producing miniature cameras that function efficiently during night.

Commercial progress for the market existence depends on innovative use. For instance, an Italian company developed a tagging technology that encompasses RFID technology to trace luggage at the airport. This works in the real-time scenario and tracks the lost or delayed luggage. This will surely help airlines to save billions of dollars for airliners and help dealing with security risks. In 2016, the cost for returning lost bags was $2 billion.

The chipless RFID technology scanners mounted on conveyor belts scans the radio-frequency tags on the bag and redirects to the right direction in any case. There have been significant developments in the barcode scanning in the industry standards since the 90’s.

Gabriele Ruggiere, head of Aviation Group shared that the technology is already benefiting Las Vegas airport and is widely used in Hong Kong, too. The sources added that Delta airlines firstly used the RFID technology for lost baggage on a massive scale. In addition, Ruggiere said that the direct printing of RFID tags on the baggage tags enable the tracking of suitcases during the travel. Hence, RFID tagging reduces the risk of loss or delayed delivery cutting the security costs, too.  

A special tagging paper with RFID is used for this purpose and the technology is wrapped in the ticket printer developed by the company.


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