Cable Glands Market To Witness A Thumbs Up In The Upcoming Period

Cable Glands Market

Cable glands, better known as cable connectors or fittings, cord grips; come across as devices designed for attaching as well as securing an electrical cable’s end to equipment. The cable glands market will be driven by their demand in electrical automation and instrumentation systems. They make sure that properties of enclosure that the cable does enter could be maintained in adequate proportion. The steel industry is, in turn, driven by cable glands as it is one of the materials used for making cable glands.

Cable glands find their applications in dripping water pressure. As such, they will be inclusive of synthetic rubber (or any other type of elastomer seals). Some cable glands are also designed such that they prohibit the flammable gas to be entered in electrical equipment; especially in hazardous regions. North America is at the forefront with regards to cable glands; as proper electrification is of paramount importance. Europe follows suit. However, the APAC is the fastest growing cable glands market; as inclination toward smart homes is directly proportional to the need for cable glands.

The present scenario is such that split cable glands are in great demand; thanks to the necessity of routing the pre-terminated cables (cables having connectors). As such, pre-assembled cables could be successfully routed through the 3 parts of cable glands (a split sealing grommet and 2 gland halves); that too, without having the plus removed. An ingress protection of NEMA 4X and IP66/IP68 could be reached by split cable glands.

Cable glands cater to atleast 3 kinds of thread standards:

  • National Pipe Thread (inch system)
  • Metric Thread
  • Panzergewinde (PG standard)

The basic advantages of cable glands include environmental protection, earth continuity, grip, additional sealing, and additional environmental sealing. These glands could be metallic/non-metallic (or a conjunction); depending on application. They could also be designed to provide resistance to corrosion.


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