Uveitis Treatment Market To Reach Its Pinnacle In The Years To Come

Uveitis Treatment Market

Uveitis Treatment Market To Reach Its Pinnacle In The Years To Come

Uveitis treatment market is expected to rise remarkably in the upcoming period. When one does pay a visit to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist), he/she would suggest the following:

  • Photograph of the retinal tissue to determine its thickness and absence/presence of fluid in/under retina
  • Angiography
  • Analyzing fluid in the eye
  • Blood tests

These tests do help the medical practitioner to determine whether uveitis is caused by inflammation, infection, or any other condition.

Uveitis treatment depends on the severity of uveitis. Initially, the medical practitioner would prescribe steroid eyedrops. If they don’t suffice, a steroid injection or pill could work. If infection has resulted in uveitis, antibiotics could come into picture. If uveitis threatens the vision, cytotoxic or immunosuppressive drugs could be needed. Europe leads the market with respect to steroid medication. These treatments are rampant in the APAC; as developing economies opt for treatments that are devoid of surgery. Ocular treatments are amongst the costliest treatments in medical science. However, the treatments just mentioned could result in side-effects; such as cataracts and/or glaucoma. This could be the major factor hampering the uveitis treatment market in the forthcoming period.

North America has been ruling the uveitis treatment as far as advanced surgical procedures like vitrectomy, and the one that does implant s device into eye for providing a sustained and slow release of medication are concerned.

The measures below could aid in nipping uveitis in the bud. They are:

  • Putting on dark glasses if eye turns out to be sensitive to the light
  • Having warm flannel over eye for soothing it
  • Consuming painkillers for relieving pain

Novartis’ Alcon, the eyecare unit, strides by entering into inorganic growth measures to fight ocular ailments. The ocular world is likely to witness a major upswing over here; as by 2050, around 1% o the world population will witness eye-related diseases.


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