Cable Accessories Market To Illuminate In The Years To Come

Cable Accessories Market


Cable accessories imply connecting cables and preventing conductors from direct contact with the earth (through insulation); and also protecting cable from erosion and degradation resulting out of UV light, and environmental stress. The cable accessories market is expected to be driven basically by the Europe. Northern Ireland is the hub of cable accessories. It is inclusive of clips, connectors, cleats, glands, grommet, compound, tape, terminals, earthing, sleeving, and cable ties.

Initially, medium and low voltage could be guarded by paper insulated cable. These days, polymeric cable is preferred. However, the fact that the former ones are the major chunk of many nations’ underground network cannot be ignored. As such, “transition joint technology” comes into picture wherein polymeric insulation cables could be connected with old paper insulated cables. Cable constructions range from 3-core to single-core. Based on the cable’s voltage, terminations and joints could be further segregated as HV (high voltage) joints and terminations, LV (low voltage) joints and terminations, EHV (extra High Voltage) joints and terminations, and MV (Medium Voltage) joints and terminations.

Europe is followed by North America. The APAC is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the upcoming period; as the current generation is waking up as far as awareness regarding better technology is concerned. The other factor contributing to the growth of cable accessories market is the exponential rate at which urbanization is increasing; but in MEA, the market is expected to witness sluggish growth; thanks to the indolence on the part of general public. On the other hand, LATAM is catching up. The countries like brazil and Argentina are striving to keep pace with the developing economies like India. The major players over there are also entering into strategic partnerships to keep the influx of cable accessories going. LATAM will be second in line with the APAC.


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