Calcium Silicate Market to Grow Sizably in the years to come


Calcium silicate, better known as “calsil” has been insulating high temperature pipes and the other equipment; thereby rendering fire endurance. Since 1950 (its inception), it is being produced and sold as preformed block, board, or preformed pipe. North America is the pioneer with respect to calcium silicate. Its properties like corrosion inhibition, high temperature cultural integrity, and high compressive strength are driving the calcium silicate market and will continue to do so in the years to come.

The construction sector holds the largest share of the calcium silicate market and this will help the market stand in a good stead in future. North America is followed by Europe. Denmark-based Skamol built a new calcium silicate factory in Opole (Poland) in 2017. The new factory also implies production of solely calcium silicate boards. As such, Skamol is able to cater to the growing demand for calcium silicate boards all over Europe. Calcium silicate products find their presence in passive fire protection, fireplace enclosures in Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, and Germany, Poland, and Eastern Europe.

The other name for calcium silicate is “slag”. It gets produced in a blast furnace when molten iron forms out of silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, and iron ore. The APAC could be looked upon as a promising market for calcium silicate; as slag, when processed into re-purposed calcium silicate; would act as a remedy to AMD (acid mine drainage) on passive and active mine sites. In the developing economies of APAC like India; neutralization is required for correcting the ill-effects of acidic mine drainage.

Calcium silicate could serve the purpose over here. In comparison with limestone (remediation material used in usual terms), calcium silicate carries out precipitation of heavy metals; thereby prolonging the efficiency in AMD. In cement industry, calcium silicate is termed as C2S (cement chemist notation) or belite.


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