Calcium Stearate Market to Grow at a rapid pace in the years to come


Calcium Stearate comes across as one of the waxy materials which is not that easily water soluble. The main advantage of calcium stearate is that it’s less toxic. The factors driving the calcium stearate market are growing demand from fabric industry (as a waterproofing agent), as a lubricant in crayons and pencils, concrete industry (for efflorescence control in block & paver, and also in waterproofing), paper industry (as a lubricant for providing proper gloss, prevention of dusting, and making paperboard), plastic industry (as a neutralizer or acid scavenger at the concentrations around 1000 ppm, a release agent, and a lubricant), pharmaceutical industry (as a gelling agent, an anti-track agent, and mold release).

North America has been at the forefront with respect to calcium stearate till date and will continue to be the torchbearer in the years to come. The pharmaceutical sector holds the largest share of the calcium stearate market. Europe follows suit. The APAC is likely to grow at the fastest pace in the calcium stearate in the near future; especially the construction sector; which is undergoing facelift.

Dover Chemical Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of calcium stearate. In early 2001, it did expand its line of products with Doverlube Calcium Stearate. Calcium stearate in operation right now includes industrial grade, food grade, and pharmaceutical grade.

Peter Greven’s LIGAMED CPR range of calcium stearates caters to the pharmaceutical industry. Herein, it could be used as a water repellent agent as well. The excipients include Central/Latin America, Africa, North America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. The validated process does guarantee the highest dimension of batch-to-batch consistency. The dosage of 0.2%-1.0% by weight does guarantee good effect on release and high lubrication. Calcium stearate, along with magnesium stearate addresses the pharmaceutical industry.


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